We do walk in drivers license and ID each day until we reach our max. We stop processing at 4:30. You also have the option to make an appointment in office, feel free to call to check availability for the month before stopping by. 

We do not make appointments over the phone or online at this time. There is a $5 deposit for this service. We keep booking appointments until the month is full.  

We process federally compliant credentials (Real ID) at our location as well as first time issuance credentials.

We recommend upgrading to the Real ID, you only have to provide a few documents. If you choose not to, your credential will state “not for real ID purposes” in the top right corner.

 Link below is a list of documents you will need. 





As of November 1st 2021 OK is a 1 plate state. This means if you have a specialty plate in addition to your state issued plate then when you renew they must consolidate and you have to choose which one will become your primary. If this applies to you please fill in the form below to elect your primary plate. YOU WILL USE THIS FORM IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE PLATE, IT DOES NOT MATTER WHICH ONE IS DUE AT THIS TIME. We will then renew based on your choice and you will receive new stickers in the mail. Specialty plates no longer get silver stickers. If you elect to keep your specialty as your primary it will receive colored stickers from now on. For the first renewal your fees may look different and your month of expiration may change. The state system does all of this automatically. You will then renew only one plate for upcoming years, if your chose to keep your specialty as your primary your renewal amount will reflect that.

For example: If you have a state issued plate that is current but usually renews for $97.50 and your special plate is due for renewal at $15.00 your special plate will become your primary and when you renew next year the total will be $112.50.

Please submit form below to elect primary plate and renew.

renew online (specialty plate)