Northwest Tag will be closed in observance of the holiday Saturday, May 25th- Monday, May 27th. We will resume normal business hours Tuesday, May 28th. Check out our online Services! Thank you for your business and enjoy your weekend! 

We do walk in drivers license and ID each day until we reach our max. We stop processing at 4:30. You also have the option to make an appointment in office, feel free to call to check availability for the month before stopping by. 

We do not make appointments over the phone or online at this time. There is a $5 deposit for this service. We keep booking appointments until the month is full.  

We process federally compliant credentials (Real ID) at our location as well as first time issuance credentials.

We recommend upgrading to the Real ID, you only have to provide a few documents. If you choose not to, your credential will state “not for real ID purposes” in the top right corner.

 Link below is a list of documents you will need. 





See below for available online transactions, please call 405-498-3113 and ask for an online clerk for any questions! Thank you for your business!

By clicking the buttons below you will be redirected to the OKCARS website. See below for further instruction:

In order to provide the best possible service and receive next business day processing and mailing, please ensure “OKLAHOMA” is selected from the county dropdown list and select Northwest Tag Agency to process and mail out your registrations.

Notice of transfer- this relieves you of liability if your new buyer fails to transfer the title out of your name. Be sure to keep your tag!

SCROLL DOWN FOR ARMED FORCES AND OTHER TYPES OF RENEWALS AND SERVICES: The below services do not have an option for payment due to the transition to Service Ok. The buttons below will ONLY allow you to submit to us your information needed. You will be contacted directly by a clerk for payment processing over the phone.

ARMED FORCES- this renewal requires an additional form 779-17 and copies of your insurance to be uploaded. You will not be able to submit this request without a completing all required fields. If you need the armed forces affidavit form click the armed forces affidavit button. If you already have your form click the armed forces renewal button.

Disabled Veteran Renewal- disabled veterans with a discounted rate due to 50% or more disability rate.

COMMERCIAL TAG RENEWAL Commercial policies do not verify electronically so we will need the copy of your insurance to process the request. There is a field for you to upload this. click the button below and follow the prompts.

Lost,stolen, mutilated (replace tag/decal) this submission requires a completed form 797-D. If you need the form click the button to download it. If you have your form ready to upload click the LOST,STOLEN,MUTILATED(REPLACE TAG/DECAL) button.

DUPLICATE TITLE REQUEST to obtain a copy of a title you lost click the button below and follow the instructions. You must complete and submit a 701-7 form to obtain a duplicate title. If you need the form, it is available for download with the button below. If you already have the form, click the request button and follow instructions. As of July 1st,2022 Oklahoma has become a title holding state. If you have an active lien on your vehicle the duplicate will be mailed to the lender unless you have written authorization from the lender to have it mailed elsewhere.

VEHICLE INFORMATION REQUEST if you need a printout of a vehicle current ownership/lien information or a copy of your registration you must submit a completed 769 form. If you need the form you can download it below. If you already have your form click the request button below and follow the instructions.


*This process may also be completed in the office with no appointment. We have necessary forms and notaries on staff to assist you. 

If you just moved from out of state and would like to register online or in office you will need the following documents:

  1. Out of state title or registration
  2. Lender name and address (if you are making payments) if lender is not listed on your primary document you will need the 797-b out of state lien verification(requires notary)
  3. Oklahoma insurance-only exceptions are active duty military or commercial insurance
  4. Drivers license (its ok if it is out of state) 
  5. ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY complete armed forces affidavit to receive discounted registration. You may submit a copy of your orders in lieu of an officer signature. 

NOTE:If we use copies of your documents to get you registered your record will be placed on document hold. If your vehicle is not present your record will be placed on serial inspection hold. There is no time limit to release these holds however, you will not receive an OK title until they are both satisfied. 

TO RELEASE DOC HOLD:provide ORIGINAL out of state TITLE. If you are making payments you will most likely not be able to complete this step until your vehicle is paid off.TO RELEASE SERIAL INSPECTION HOLD: take your vehicle to any tag office and pay a $4 fee. They will check your VIn and log your mileage.

MVR Driving record request If you are in need of your driving record please click the button below. This will only show the last 3 years of your driving record. We can process Oklahoma or Out of state requests but the out of state records take more time. Oklahoma driving record is $25. Out of state record is $35. If you are requesting an out of state record you must provide complete address. You will also have to complete a consent to release form and upload it to your request. If you need the form click the button below.

FREE REGISTRATION REPRINT If you need a copy of your registration that is already current, use this button and you will receive a free reprint. Under the OTHER tab you will click “PRINT DUPLICATE REGISTRATION” to get started.

What You’ll Need
Last Four Characters of VIN, HIN or Serial Number
Street Address Number
And One of the Following: Current Primary License Plate Number, Boat Registration Number, Decal Number for Outboard Motors

Click below to use the fee estimator tool PROVIDED BY SERVICE OKLAHOMA. This tool will NOT provide an exact quote. Another way to do a rough quote is to multiply your purchase price by 4.5% and add $200. If you are in penalty you will add 3 dollars per day for every day you are late. Prior to November 1 you had 30 days to transfer. Anything Notarized after November 1 has 60 days. You are also more than welcome to drop by our office with your paperwork for a more accurate estimate. We will also need to know if you have a tag from another vehicle you wish to move over.

Please allow up to 30 days for your new credential to arrive in the mail. If you have recently moved or have changed your inbound mailing address to a PO Box, please ensure you have updated your address with your local post office. You can learn more by visiting USPS.COM.